The Option to take professional quality photos with phone

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You love to travel, and enjoy all the best. But when recording these moments, do you only have your cell phone at hand?

So know that it is more than enough for you to take professional photos with a phone as well as to record this moment if you know the basics of photography and how to use the functions of your electronic baby.

Then learn these tips to make phone pictures look professional!

Clean the lens

It seems so obvious, and that is why it is so important and it is here at the first point.

Unlike a professional camera that photographers carry in their suitcase, protected, your cell phone is between your pocket along with the rest of the lunch bubble gum, and the sweat on your face and fingers.

professional photos

This happens to be one of the primary causes why cell phone photos end up getting blurred. It is nothing more than dirt and grease accumulated on the lens.

If you have a cotton shirt or soft fabric, just take a light pass through the lens and remove any impurities that are there.

Always use the rear camera

At a time when selfies turn out to be more popular than a made dish, saying that may sound controversial. But the truth is that your phone’s front camera has a much lower resolution than the back camera.

That’s because the front camera was made more for video conferencing than for photos, while the rear camera has more megapixels, the resolution unit.

So, unless you really want a selfie, don’t use the front camera.


To ensure to take professional quality photos with phone focus of your photo, you must take into account two things, the settings of your phone’s camera and how to stabilize that piece behind the screen: you!

It is important to learn which focus settings your phone allows at the time of the photos. Many allow changes like manual focus (you define where you want to focus, instead of being automatic), and advanced semi-automatic focus.

By changing these settings, you can create all kinds of effects by focusing on an object and blurring the background, and the other way around.

Steel arms

The second thing concerns you. At that moment you will be sorry you ran away from the gym, and that arm training to watch Netflix: learn to take pictures without shaking.

To do this, try to find a more stable position to hold the phone. Most people feel more firm than when the arm is very close to the body or fully stretched.

Discover which option use to be the best for you. Pressing the button that takes the photo with the other hand prevents shaking as well.

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