Easy Options To Create A Home Photo Studio On A Budget

set up home photo studio

Surely if you think of a photographic studio, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge place full of flashes and expensive accessories.

However, you can make a cheap photo studio at home without having to shell out a large amount of money.

What do you need to set up your own home photo studio?

The photography studio can be very attractive because you can completely control the light falling on your subject.

Especially in portrait or product photography the results can be really good. You might think, at first, that getting those kinds of photographs is only available to a few, who can afford to set up their own photo studio.

However, anyone can set up a small studio at home, without having to go bankrupt. Here is the DIY photo studio guide for you.

  1. A Clear Place

To take studio photos you do not need to have a large location. If you have a garage, a ground floor or a basement it will be more than enough to set up your own studio.

  1. Flashes

The initial thing that you will require to be able to take studio photos, apart from your camera obviously, is a flash. The cheapest flash that you can use is the external flash that is attached to the camera. This type of studio photography offers studio results with the most affordable equipment, and also foldable and portable.

  1. Trigger

The trigger is a remote trigger for the flash. It is a device that will connect our camera with the flash that we want to fire, so that it jumps as soon as we press the button. Connect one of them to be the main one and the rest program them so that they work out of “sympathy”.

  1. Diffusers

Although you can shoot studio photographs without diffusers, the most common is to have them. The diffusers are used to filter the light from the flash and achieve less harsh lighting, which gives you softer shadows.

  1. 5 in 1 reflector

The reflector or 5 in 1 will also be a very important element in our photographic studio. On the single hand, it can assist you to reflect the light from the main flash, to avoid having to use a second flash in the event that you cannot have one.

  1. Funds

The background is also a fundamental part of studio photography. It can be white, black, gray or colored. You can choose two types of studio backgrounds: those screwed to the wall or removable, which are attached with two tripods and a crossbar.

  1. Props

Finally, props can help you create more attractive or fun photos.

Props can be anything: chairs, vases, balloons, flowers, baskets, decorative objects, etc. It is simply to put imagination and create our own scenarios, so that our photo tells a story. This is how you can create a home photo studio on a budget.

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