Best photo editing software for beginners

Adobe Photoshop

Photo editing happens not to be a simple art to get expert. Occasionally editing a photo needs more expertise than real photography.

This is the reason making use of compound photo editing software might be quite frightening for beginners. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you completely abandon editing.

There are some easy photo editing programs for beginners that let you learn the basics of editing and master your way gradually.

So what are some of the best photo editing software for beginners? In fact, many of these services are available, which further complicates the choice of new users.

photo editing softwareAdobe Photoshop Elements

The name Photoshop can be quite intimidating to people and with proper reason. This software has been made use by professionals for more than ten years and remains one of the best photo editing software available.

But is it suitable for beginners? Well yes. It is not as complex as other Photoshop software, with some built-in artificial intelligence features that make editing much easier.

For example, it will collect all of your photos and automatically attempt to correct them based on the software’s predefined settings.

This means that most Photoshop core software features are removed from this application. However, you can still make many changes using elements, although you may take a little longer than usual, especially if you are a beginner.


Gimp is an age-old photo editing application that has stood the test of time for several years.

For an independently developed application, Gimp has a large number of users, as well as a useful community that will be happy to solve your problems or answer your questions regarding Gimp.

It uses to work on scripts and plugins, which makes it quite flexible compared to other paid offers.

While Gimp doesn’t offer features equivalent to paid offers, Gimp is great software for getting started, particularly if you’re a beginner to photo editing. In several ways, Gimp happens to be much calmer to study than complex software such as Photoshop, which proposes more functionality but also takes some time to fully master.

The best thing about Gimp is that it’s completely free to download and has no ads. So there is nothing between you and your changes.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Intuitive, clean, fluid and efficient interface are the strengths of this photo editing and image processing software offering 1TB storage space in the cloud for your photo library.

Chromatic management, cropping and rotation, reduction of noise, improvement of sharpness, modification of texture can be applied to the whole of your photograph or only on a selected part.

Filters and pre-sets can be applied in seconds for optimal results in 2 clicks and counted one of the best free photo editor 2020.

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