The Main Difference Between Graphics And Images

The fundamental difference between photo and graphic images is graphic or graphical image is a non-text information representation for instance photo, picture, drawing or chart.

And an image which is otherwise called digital image, despite everything image implies the representation of visual information, for example, graphs, logos, pictures, videos, drawings and so on.

Read below the difference between graphics and images.


Graphic or Graphical image is utilized to introduce non text information like photo, drawing or chart. These are broadly utilized in web pages.

The Web pages makes use of colourful graphical images and plans to convey information and pass on messages.

The web pages by and large make use of two formats which are extremely basic now a day, for example, JPEG and GIF formats. JPEG which is articulated as JAY-peg contains graphics used to decrease the size of the file and causes the file to gain less space in your device.

The JPEG is for the most part used to keep up a harmony between file size and image quality. JPEG format is often utilized by digital photos.

The second is GIF format which is normally articulated as jiff is utilized to decrease file size by compression systems.

For the organization logos which contains just scarcely any various colours the GIF format works awesome. A portion of the web sites present of internet to spare their time makes use of thumb nails in light of the fact that the graphics can be tedious to display.

A thumb nail is utilized to change over a bigger graphic image to a little one fundamentally it’s a little version of graphic. If you click a thumbnail its bigger image is displayed.


Images are additionally called digital image or still image. Images are utilized to display any visual information, for example, drawings, pictures, graphs, logos, videos, and so on an image can be electronically saved money on your device storage effectively if you need.

images and graphics

Presently a day’s digital cameras are generally used to take images. Images can be effectively altered you can insert any frame, text, date and so on your image.

Primary difference between images and graphics:

Image contains 2 dimensional plane pixels in which each pixel has a space colours where as a graphic can be 1 dimensional 2 dimensional or 3 or more than that.

You can scale graphics as little or huge relying upon your necessities while you can’t scale and image.

Images are produced using thousands of modest squares of pixels while graphics are most certainly not.

Difference between photo vs graphic images is that a graphic, or graphical image, is a digital representation of non-text information, for example, a drawing, chart, or photo. While an image which can be likewise called as Still Image, Digital image is the binary representation of a visual information like drawings, pictures, singular video frames, graphs, logos, and so forth.

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