Small Comparison For You: Curly Vs Straight For Photoshoot

straight hair

As they say, people always want what they don’t have. And it is more than proven that the woman with curly hair would love to wear a long straight hair.

And, on the contrary. What woman with straight hair has not dreamed of well-defined curls? But before you want to opt for one hair style or another, you must first know what straight or curly hair transmits and how curly vs straight hair in picture looks like.

Straight hair

Transmits a more serious, formal and elegant image. But having less keratin makes it weaker so it falls more easily. Hairstyles last less than curly hair.

curlyCurly hair

Gives a more dynamic, jovial, fun and close image. But, like straight hair, it also has its downside. It needs more hydration and more care because it is much drier.

Now that you know what each type of hair transmits, it will be easier for you to opt for one particular look or another.

What do men prefer, straight or curly hair?

When they ask this question, answer is: What difference does it make to you how men prefer women’s hair? The question you should ask yourself is: How do you feel better when you have wavy or straight hair?

Don’t do things because supposedly “men like it.” First, because each man is a world and has his own tastes. There is a majority of men who like a certain hair style but what difference does it make? Which one do you like?

And second, you have probably heard more than once, but that is true. Men like self-confident women. And how do you feel safer: with curly or straight hair?

Well there you have your answer. Don’t forget that the first person you have to like is you, so choose your “look” according to what you want to convey. Do not fall into the mistake of “dressing up” something that you are not because you want to like.

What rejuvenates curly or straight hair the most?

To this eternal question there is no answer. As you may have read above, there is no certain hair style that makes you look younger.

To really find out which is the “look” that favours you the most, it is necessary to take into account different variables such as the shape of your face, eye colour, if you wear glasses, what image you want to convey.

All these characteristics between curly vs straight for photoshoot are studied in the Make-up, and Hair Course. As you will see, they are the basis for correctly advising a person on the style that best suits them.

If you want to unleash your concerns in the world of image consulting and dedicate yourself professionally to this, it is advised to you to take a look at it. You can turn your hobby into a way to earn a living.

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