What F Stop Should I Use For A Group Photo? We Tell You

At the point you’re acing photography, your first stop will likely be the F stop. Try not to let each one of those numbers on your focal point threaten you!

The concept may feel nonsensical at first if you’re not mathematically disapproved, yet it can be guaranteed that you that the F stop is a cinch once you have your head wrapped around it.

One might use F stop for a group photo. Originating from some pretty non-mathy people, that implies a great deal.

This shot gets a very close with the F stop. Here you can spot two features that will assist you with understanding what a F stop is:

The Blades

These terrible young men close in or retract in a circular motion to make the aperture smaller or larger, according to your adjustments.

The Aperture

The little gap at the rear of the camera’s focal point. This opening lets light travel through the perspective. The f-number (otherwise called the f-ratio, focal ratio, or the F stop) is the word used to be use when you select your aperture for large group groups.


Note that F stop calculations are made for you when your camera is in automatic mode. That may take some extra mental gymnastics off your plate, yet recollect that in this mode your camera adjusts the f-number with mathematical, intelligence and not artistic.

What’s a F stop?

Your camera F stop controls two things:

  • How much light can enter your focal point;
  • The depth of field (DOF) in your picture.

Here’s what stumbles the vast majority at first:

The smaller your F stop number is, the greater the opening of your aperture.


A stop is one-way picture takers like to discuss estimating light. Every movement up a stop duplicates the measure of light entering the camera, however diminishes the numerical value (for instance, going from f/8 to f/5.6 is one stop up). That is correct friends, here comes the math.

group photo

Every movement down a stop parts the measure of light that gets through your perspective, however expands the numerical value (for instance, going from f/2 to f/2.8 is one stop down).

These numbers may appear to be strange until you understand what they mean precisely. Without getting a lot into the muddled math behind F stops, here’s a simple explanation that may assist you with getting a grip on why F stops are composed as they seem to be:

F stops are really ratios. They are gotten from your focal point’s focal length partitioned by the diameter of your aperture. They speak to a fraction of your aperture opening.

For example, a F stop of f/4 methods 1/fourth or 25 percent of the focal point is open. On a 100mm focal point, f/4 would quantify 25mm or about an inch. When you are thinking about the depth of field for family photo consider these points undoubtedly.

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